Organizing for America Astroturfs in Denver

Looking at the Left demonstrates how our rulers attempt to manufacture consent with excellent coverage of the spectacle staged by Organizing for America in Denver Friday. A few pictures tell the general story.

Here they come — the Dems’ version of spontaneous grass roots activists:


In case anyone actually believes that Dems aren’t after “single-payer healthcare”; i.e., total government control of the medical sector of the economy:


If you’re a moonbat, there’s no need to come up with your own homemade sign. Paid activists have done it for you:


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Credit where it’s due — this moonbat may have invested the effort to make his own sign:


Union thugs in hippy shirts are still union thugs. This guy looks like one of them:


The establishment media has its work cut out for it, having to pass off protests in favor of socialized medicine as anything but contrived farces.

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