Ouch! AP Reporter Asks if the State Dept wants Americans in Yemen to Swim Home

It must be difficult being an Obama Administration spokesperson… Especially when the press begins to get a little fed up with the spin you’ve been feeding them. Matt Lee, with the Associated Press, brilliantly mocked the Administration’s anemic response to the situation in Yemen with one simple moment of sarcasm.


When State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf claimed that Americans trapped in Yemen were alerted to opportunities to leave the country, an Associated Press reporter asked if those opportunities included swimming to safety…

Last year President Obama hailed Yemen as a success story in the war on terror; today, much of it has been taken over by Islamic terrorists and the U.S. embassy there was hastily evacuated in mid-February. That left the Yemeni-Americans still trapped in that country. Of course, you could say that those still there should have known better — the entire Middle East is going up in flames. Nonetheless, no rescue attempts have even been attempted…

That became a subject at Friday’s State Department press briefing, when AP reporter Matt Lee asked Harf, “You alerted them [the Yemeni-Americans] to opportunities to leave the country?” Harf assured Lee that the State Department had. “What are those opportunities,” he asked. “Swim?” Lee punched the last word.


The press needs a few more Matt Lees within their ranks. Equipped with nothing more than a sense of dry humor, and an understanding of the White House’s systematic incompetence, Lee managed to highlight the absurdity of Marie Harf’s talking points in a matter of seconds.

I sure hope his taxes are in order.

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