Outrage After Fox News Airs Video of Trump Doing THIS

Outrage After Fox News Airs Video of Trump Doing THIS

Boy…Fox News is really getting shady. In a recent video they aired, they showed a clip from one of Donald Trump’s rallies, and they set him up with a little “special” editing trick. It’s is now going to backfire on them, because he has no problem putting them in their place!


“We’re going to have businesses that used to be in New Hampshire, that are now in Mexico, come back to New Hampshire. And, you can tell them to go (blank) themselves.”

Trump never used the word f*ck in this speech.

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Here is the video:

Today FOX News ran a clip of Trump from last week’s rally. But they bleeped him out to make it look like he said “f*ck” when he never said it!

Donald Trump called them on it!


Fox News…sold out a long time ago. Even if you hate Trump, you probably also hate Fox News. The enemy of your enemy is your friend…and in this case, how true it is. He isn’t letting them get away with anything…good for him for calling them out their idiocy.

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