OUTRAGE: Alleged Black Panther Movement Attempt Killing THREE Police Officers- VIDEO

OUTRAGE: Alleged Black Panther Movement Attempt Killing THREE Police Officers- VIDEO

Three Phoenix, Arizona police officers were targeted by an alleged member of the New Black Panther Party at 2AM outside of a convenience store.

Marc Laquon Payne (aka Ntare Kalid Ali El-Shabazz) was reported as having pulled out of a parking spot and circling the lot. He then saw the officers standing outside of the local Quiktrip, and took aim with his vehicle.


The three officers involved are expected to make a full recovery. The 41-year-old police sergeant suffered a broken leg, while a 33-year-old officer on his first day of duty suffered a head injury. The third officer on the scene, 36, avoided being struck by jumping out of the way. He then arrested Payne who had driven through the front of the building.

Inside the store, two clerks narrowly missed being hit by the vehicle.

Watch the video below:

You can see one officer, the one who sustained the head injury, is thrown into the air by the impact. Great way to start off your career, right?

Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner had a blistering message to send to the media about the attack.

“I’m very proud of the men and women of the Phoenix Police Department, and I am outraged by this incident. Our Phoenix police officers were targeted. We have all heard about officers being targeted and ambushed across this nation. But this happened here. This happened in Phoenix. This happened to your Phoenix police officers … They were victims of an unprovoked, violent, intentional attack. These officers could have easily been killed, and I thank God we’re not planning three funerals right now.”

According to the Chief. the sergeant had met with the new officer at the convenience store to discuss what was expected of him as an officer when the group was ambushed.

He also said that the video shows Payne backing into a parking spot and waiting, proving that this was a premeditated assassination attempt.

If you’re the praying type, our boys and girls in blue need your prayers now more than ever. Chief Yahner was right when he said, “thank God we’re not planning three funerals right now.” Whether you agree with the police or not, there is no need to take a man or woman away for their family based on what YOU think they are responsible for. This kind of behavior is becoming all too common and it is absolutely unacceptable.

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