Outraged Parents Stand Up to School Board on “Gay Marriage” Lessons

Outraged Parents Stand Up to School Board on “Gay Marriage” Lessons

Whatever your stance on gay marriage, I think we can all agree that it doesn’t belong in the classroom. It has no educational value and is a controversial social issue. It raises more issues and is best left to families to discuss.

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From Western Journalism:

The school board in Fairfax County, Va., overwhelmingly passed a measure last week concerning the district’s sexual education curriculum.

WTTG reported last Thursday that the board voted 10-2 to keep part of the Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum for K-10 students. This means students could learn about gender identity and sexual orientation in the seventh grade. Only members Patricia S. Reed and Elizabeth Schultz voted no.

According to an FLE Fact Sheet, parents will have the opportunity to opt their children out.

“Parents, do you want your children in Kindergarten to hear about same-sex marriage under the guise of families?” Andrea Lafferty, a Fairfax County parent and president of the Traditional Values Coalition, asked parents during the public comment portion of the meeting, according to CNS News. “No!” they shouted.

“Parents, do you want your children in fifth grade to hear about Gonorrhea and Syphilis? No! We want opt outs and we want to keep them safe,” she continued. “Do you want gender identity to be introduced to seventh grade? No! We want opt outs to remain.”

WTTG, coming out of the meeting, found some very divided opinions on the matter. “It’s certainly a step in the right direction of respecting more students and understanding the perspective of other students who have different gender identities or different sexual orientations,” said David Aponte. “The fact is not whether you opt out of the curriculum full of lies, it’s that you shouldn’t be using taxpayer money to develop a curriculum of lies in the first place,” said Kathy Healy.

The Washington, D.C., Fox affiliate caught up with Schultz, one of the board members who voted “no” after the meeting. “I am very concerned that we’re watching a legacy of an environment that is setting this board at odds with parents,” Schultz said.

Certainly policymaking done on the fly without consideration of the people on whom the policy has the greatest level of impact –and to do so without a great degree of care and to make sure that we’re representing the people who have elected us to be here — can only yield bad policy.

“Now our time is going to be distracted and taken away from the real work of the board,” Schultz added. “We should be worried about educating 186,000 students and not about all of this peripheral political stuff.”

Touchy social issues should not be taught in schools. You’re there to learn how to read and write like an adult. Discover your sexuality on your own time.

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