Man Sucked Into Nuclear Power Plant’s Sea Intake- Surprisingly LIVED To Tell Incredible Escape Story!

Man Sucked Into Nuclear Power Plant’s Sea Intake- Surprisingly LIVED To Tell Incredible Escape Story!

A scuba diver tells of his near death experience, frightful moment he was sucked into a nuclear power station after getting too close to a water pipe used to cool the plant.


Christopher Le Cun, a married father-of-two from Palm Bay, Florida, said he was sure he was going to die after being sucked into a pipe at the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant.


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Cun, 30, described how he was diving off Hutchingson Island with friend Robert Blake when the pair spotted shadows cast by large objects hundreds of feet beneath the waves.

Noticing a yellow buoy nearby, the pair decided to anchor their boat to it before going down to check the mysterious structures out.

Speaking to WPTV, Cun said: ‘I swam right up to this big structure and it looks like a building underwater. I felt a little bit of current.

‘All of a sudden it got a little quicker and I thought, “this ain’t right, this ain’t right.”‘

Before he could react, Cun was sucked into one of the structures which turned out to be 16ft-wide intake pipes, capable of draining 500,000 gallons of water per minute into massive pools used to cool the plant’s reactors. Cun described the sensation as similar to being sucked over a waterfall, saying he suddenly found himself in complete darkness and still being swept along.

After around five minutes Cun was deposited into one of the reservoir pools used to store water before it is pumped into the reactor, where he managed to climb out.

Still in his scuba diving gear he confronted a shocked employee who, after several moments of disbelief, got Cun a phone so he could call his wife and tell her he was ok.

Cun is now attempting to sue the plant, saying there were no safety measures in place to prevent him from getting sucked into the pipe.

What a nightmare, and he lived to tell about it. If he’s suing, the claim that there were no warning signs had got to be a boost to his case. Unless their actually were and he wasn’t minding his surroundings…We are talking Florida, here.

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