Packers Attempt To Recruit Fans Into Anthem Demonstrations – Fans Choose America

Packers Attempt To Recruit Fans Into Anthem Demonstrations – Fans Choose America

Yesterday, the Green Bay Packers met the Chicago Bears, but the audience was more interested in cheering for America.

Earlier this week, before the games with the Bears, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wrote a letter urging audience members attending games at Lambeau Field to join with the players and coaching staff in linking their arms during the Stars and Stripes. Saying that it’s “about equality,” Rodgers wanted the show of “unity and love and growing together as a society” to take place before kickoff. He wrote his plea on Tuesday asking for this to happen at Thursday’s game and now that it’s Friday we can tell you how the audience responded to that request.

The Packers released a similar statement asking fans to again, link arms for “unity.” Rodgers’ fluffy statement said that the arm-linking “unity” was to “come together and show people that we can be connected and we can grow together.” Or you could, you know, stand up for the anthem like you’ve done for the last several decades and not politicize football.

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So when the anthem started playing, fans in Green Bay and Chicago jerseys declined to link arms, instead choosing to put one hand over their heart and chanted “USA! USA! USA!” while the players had their linky-arm unity love hugs on the field.

That’s a video from the Associated Press, not from the NFL. The NFL doesn’t want everyone to know that the stands are emptying, that the audience are booing whenever the players link arms or kneel.

Every game for both the Bears and Packers seems to have a different starting strategy and I don’t mean on the field. Both teams were on their feet for this game’s anthem, when just last weekend several of them were sitting on the bench. At this point, nobody knows who’s protesting what and the NFL and its affiliates are in a panic over lost revenue through only the fault of a few upstart players and coaches that are encouraging this behavior.

CEOs are already starting to pull their advertising dollars from NFL broadcasts . Allan Jones, the CEO of Hardwick Clothes and Check Into Cash, said that his companies will “not condone unpatriotic behavior” and will no longer advertise or sponsor wardrobes for NBC’s on-air hosts during games. Jones has told his media buyer to pull all of their commercials for the season. Two years ago, Jones acquired Hardwick Clothing and provided suits for NBC after he turned the struggling company around.

Here’s a video from Rodgers, where he is so, so close to getting it right before he gets it so, so wrong:

“As much as some people want us to just shut up and play football…” Yes!

“…sports and politics have always intersected.” No.

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