Paleocon Fantasies

Paleocon Fantasies: As I read Pat Buchanan’s most recent demented ramblings, I had an epiphany about the Paleocons and their belief that America would better off if we closed off our borders, became isolationists, and abandoned the idea of free trade.

What Buchanan and the rest of his ilk are doing is engaging in pure fantasy comparable to leftists who believe that Communism could work, “if the right people were running it.” Most Americans, Conservatives in particular, have a strong isolationist streak. However, most Conservatives are also practical enough to see why free trade is better than protectionism in most cases and why protecting our interests abroad is better than isolationism.

This of course doesn’t sit well with the Paleocons who have had their fantasy rejected. So these people come up with scapegoats to explain why people aren’t interested. The Commies demonized capitalists & Buchanan and company have a tendency to demonize Jews and “Neo-Conservatives” (they apply the term to basically all Conservatives who disagree with them).

I know many Conservatives are reluctant to criticize Buchanan and the rest of the Paleos because they do believe in many of the same things that mainstream Conservatives do. However, the things they’re wrong about are too big & too important to ignore.

In Buchanan’s case, most of the material on his wretched and misnamed, “American Conservative” magazine is nearly indistinguishable from the sort of rubbish churned out on ultra-left wing websites like Counterpunch.

Personally, I’ve had about enough of Buchanan and his 1930s style Conservatism and I’ll be glad when he’s finally discredited enough to stop getting TV time.

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