Patriot Speaks

Patriot Speaks: This screed from the comments section of The Left, The Flag, & Patriotism post was so whacked out that I thought it was worth writing about on the main page. The funny thing is that I’ve drawn so many weirdos to RWN by making fun of them in the ACPOTI section that it’s hard to tell if this guy is serious or not…

“People who come to this site need to free their minds. Read truthful sites, not some CIA disinformation agent “John Hawkins.” Free your minds. The corporate fascists are taking this country to ruin so they can make money. They own all media, so you only know what they want you to know. None of you will know how many Iraqis will die in the war. No one will know the truth. They are all right, the flag stands for war, greed, and evil. America has never helped anyone. The world would be alot better off if the territorry of the United States was ocean, i.e. America never existed. All you “patriotic” people are nothing but slaves to multinational corporations who will kill you when they don’t like what they say. My friend was found dead with her cell phone in her hand. The bush junta can kill people through their cell phones. I never give anyone my cell phone number. All you corporate dupes need to look around and do better things to do than criticize people willing to speak the truth.”

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