Parents CONCERNED Over Children Having to Learn 5 Pillars of Islam and Required to Make Personal Prayer Rugs

Parents CONCERNED Over Children Having to Learn 5 Pillars of Islam and Required to Make Personal Prayer Rugs

In Seminole County, Florida, students and parents are witnessing firsthand the kind of double-standards that exist when it comes to promoting Islam in schools. Though the left maintains a frenzied and absolute assertion of a supposed wall of separation between church and state for Christians, according to WFTV, Islam is getting a free pass under the guise of education.


Two weeks ago, WFTV talked to parent Ron Wagner, who said his son was learning the specifics of Islam in a textbook at Lyman High School.

Since then, investigative reporter Daralene Jones found out the Seminole County school district has been bombarded with calls and emails.

At Tuesday night’s school board meeting, members and district leaders publicly addressed the issue for the first time.

“To completely separate religion from world history would be inappropriate,” said Dr. Michael Blasewitz, executive director of high schools in Seminole County.

In the textbook, there are details about the Five Pillars of Islam, quotes from the Quran and students in one history class were required to make prayer rugs as part of the lesson…

Some parents beleive the textbook teaches more religion than history. Scott Meadows said he first complained to the district in October about the world history book.

“They should review it, look over it and ask themselves is this what they want our kids learning?” Meadows said.

It was Wagner’s complaint, however, that prompted a district investigation. He’s concerned the chapter on Islam is too extensive, and he doesn’t believe a public school is the place to focus on religious teachings.

We, as a society, need to either commit ourselves to teaching objectively about religions or otherwise bar such discussions from education (an ill-advised measure as doing so purposefully instills ignorance as policy).

However, to so-readily promote one religion over another sends a clear message to impressionable minds.

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