Parents Whose Son Died Trying To Rescue Bergdahl Say This Should Happen To Him

Parents Whose Son Died Trying To Rescue Bergdahl Say This Should Happen To Him

For the grieving parents of Lt. Darryn Andrews, who died trying to find Bowe Bergdahl, who was held in captivity by the Taliban after walking off a US Army base, say Bergdahl should be put where he belongs: prison.

The Andrews family says it was Bergdahl’s fault that he was captured by the Taliban, as he is the one who simply walked off the army base.


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s five years in Taliban captivity ranked among the worst treatment a prisoner-of-war has seen in 60 years. After surviving that, should he be sent to prison for desertion and abandoning his post?

No, Maj. General Kenneth Dahl, the Army’s lead investigator, said Friday in Bergdahl’s Article 32 procedure, the military’s equivalent of a grand jury hearing. “That would be inappropriate.”

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But for Andy and Sondra Andrews, whose son Darryn was killed nine and a half weeks after Bergdahl walked off-post, the answer is yes.
The couple drove from Central Texas to attend the two-day hearing at Fort Sam Houston and watched from inside the basement hearing room. Before driving home, Andy Andrews said he had not before heard the detailed testimony presented Friday about the conditions of Bergdahl’s captivity, but, “The fact still remains, that he walked away.”

“Personally, I think he should be jailed,” Andy Andrews told The Daily Beast.

The Andrews said they were told by soldiers who served with their son Darryn that he was killed in a Taliban attack while looking for Bergdahl. During the hearing, witnesses repeatedly said that no soldiers were killed during the frenetic search.

2016 GOP candidate Donald Trump has continued to call Bergdahl “a traitor,” and it’s hard to not mention that many Americans agree with him.

Should Bergdahl be sent to prison?

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