Partying While Pregnant Mom Dumped Newborn in Trash Can Charged With MURDER

Partying While Pregnant Mom Dumped Newborn in Trash Can Charged With MURDER

Wow. This lady is really messed up. I cannot imagine doing this to my child- there are so many options out there for helping this woman! See more here:

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The affiliate station also reported on Englert’s ‘Meet Me :)’ profile, which stated she didn’t have any children.

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In full, her ‘About Me’ section read, ‘hi my name is alicia im 23 years old I work full time I have brown hair im 5’1 I have no kids I do drink but only on the weekends I have my own car I still live with my mom and dad for now!!! if you want to know more just ask ;)’

Fox13 said its Facebook commenters, responding to Englert’s story, said ‘they don’t believe she has severe learning disabilities because she had a driver’s license, drove her own car, was normal at work and “partied a lot.”‘

Englert doesn’t yet have an attorney. She is in Salt Lake County jail on $500,000 bail.

Her father, Robert Englert, declined comment when reached by phone by the Associated Press Friday.

Gill offered new details about what happened in the 36 hours leading up to the baby being found by a neighbor in the Salt Lake City suburb of Kearns.

Englert gave birth in a bathroom inside the house she lived in with her family around midnight on Aug. 24, Gill said. She wrapped the baby in a towel and left it on the floor of the basement bathroom, he said.

Englert left for work the following day, leaving the baby alone without feeding her or getting her any care. She came back home that night and left the baby on the floor. The next morning, Englert put the baby in her neighbor’s trash can just before 6 a.m., Gill said.

A neighbor heard sounds of what she thought was a purring cat in her trash can. When she moved several trash bags, she spotted the baby, Gill said. She couldn’t get the baby out and ran next door for help.

There, she found Englert’s father, Robert Englert, who helped get the baby out of the trash can. Emergency responders put the baby on a life-flight helicopter.

The baby was dirty, smelly and had a blood-borne infection, Gill said. ‘If the baby had not been discovered and not received medical condition, it certainly would have died,’ he said.

Investigators don’t believe other family members knew about the baby being in the house, Gill said.

Robert Englert has said previously his daughter has a learning disability and has only recently begun to understand what she has done.

Uh excuse me? A Learning Disability? That is the thinnest, lamest excuse for trying to murder a baby. I hope she gets life in prison. WITH NO POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE.



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