Pelosi UPSET That Trump Started Visits In Saudi Arabia Because “It’s Not In Alphabetical Order”

Pelosi UPSET That Trump Started Visits In Saudi Arabia Because “It’s Not In Alphabetical Order”

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi asked some questions Thursday about President Donald Trump’s recent trip to the Middle East, and felt she needed to question and pick apart everything to see if it was a successful trip or not.

To help her judge for herself, she started to reminences about her own trips, and how she did things…

“I was in uh, like four countries five countries, whatever … if anyone said anything to me…they would bring up president Trump, and I would say: you know what? That is not why we are here. We don’t criticize our president, when we go abroad. We may have our disagreements, which we fully air in our own country, but we don’t go overseas and criticize our president.”

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Then she immediately starts to pick apart President Trump for visiting Saudi Arabia before any other country.

“It was unusual for the President of the United States to go to Saudi Arabia first. Saudi Arabia? It wasn’t even alphabetical.”

Geez this woman is so dumb. That’s right, she’s a dumb woman who is so clearly transparent when it comes to her ridiculousness. She supposed to be a U.S. Senator? What purpose does she serve, other than serving herself?

If that line wasn’t ridiculous enough for you, Pelosi then started citing the examples of past Presidents in hopes of justifying her blatant foolishness.

“President Reagan, President George Herbert Walker Bush, President Clinton, President George W. Bush, and President Obama, four of them went to Canada first and one of the went to Mexico first… our friends and neighbors. What was the decision making process to go to Saudi Arabia first? That’s a question that I have”

If that is the one main question this plastic faced hag has, then she is wasting our tax payer money by cashing her paychecks.

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