Pelousy’s in a Tailspin Over Phony Waterboarding Scandal

Compliments of Aaron S.

Recently Democrats and their mainstream media enablers have been plumbing new depths by hyping the phony waterboarding scandal. This accomplishes numerous apparent objectives, which make sense only if the Left is evil and insane. It casts the USA as the bad guys and the terrorists as put-upon victims. It provides propaganda support for radical Islam and encourages future terrorists, who are assured not only that America deserves to be punished, but that it is now too weak even to interrogate them if they’re captured. It puts at risk potentially millions of citizens, who could be killed in terror attacks that might be avoided if we were as concerned with defending the country as with avoiding prosecution by the treasonous fanatics running Washington. It supposedly makes the Bush Administration look bad for saving thousands of innocent American lives by foiling an attack on the Brooklyn Bridge by way of waterboarding the mastermind of 9/11.

But it has come to light that Dems were in on the waterboarding from the beginning, and this whole despicable farce is now blowing up in Nancy Pelosi’s ghastly botoxed face. Her shrill screams that the CIA lied to her are fooling no one, and she has been forced to admit that she knew about the waterboarding six years ago. Her defense is that she was too busy taking over Washington on behalf of the cancer known as the Democrat Party to do anything about it — and besides, Bush lied people died.

Sooner or later, we’re going to get tired of Code Pink types running the federal government. Regarding her disastrous press conference today, even WaPo says:

Make no mistake: Pelosi would not have held this sort of press conference unless she and her inner circle believed that she was losing altitude — politically — on the issue. But, her decision to do so could have wide-ranging political implications that will reach from Congress to the White House and back.

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Dems finally paid a price for consistently and deliberately sinking to the lowest depths imaginable to undermine American interests?

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