Transfreakazoid on Hunger Strike

A sexually perplexed freakazoid calling himself Debbie Davies has demanded that British taxpayers cough up the enormous expense of deforming him into a nightmarish, Island of Doctor Moreau facsimile of a woman. To get his way, Davies has gone on a hunger strike.

Whimpers Davies:

By no means do I want to end my life — it’s not a suicide attempt. I don’t have a life if I don’t do this, if I don’t become complete — there is no life to live.

It just feels like the onset of a cold at the moment, I get tired easily, I would kill for steak and chips.…

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I’ve paid £25,000 out of my own money and I haven’t got anything else — the health authority have some responsibility to support and treat me.

Davies has his heart set on someone else paying for the gruesome form of sexual mutilation known as the choppadickoffomy procedure.

A bureauweenie wrings his hand and bleats:

We have a body of clinical experts who are reviewing in detail the way in which we treat people who want gender reassignment — we are keen to have a consistent approach.

Gender reassignment. Since there is no god but the government, you aren’t born a man or a woman. You are assigned a gender by bureaucrats, who can reassign it at any time, at taxpayer expense. We live in a grotesque travesty of reality.

I think I’ll hold my breath until the government agrees to transform me into a llama.

Richard “Debbie” Davies.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tip: Nothing to Do With Arbroath. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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