Weimar America, Here We Come!

Ace of Spades has a round-up of very gloomy economic forebodings. Frankly, Ace is an optimist, compared to me.

During the campaign last year, Democrats kept bashing the Bush administration for its nearly $200 billion budget deficit. So now they’ve moved the declmal point to the right: $2 trillion in deficits, and I’m seeing nightmare visions of Weimar-style hyperinflation and double-digit unemployment. We stand on the brink of an abyss:

The liberal suggestion that we will actually save money by implementing universal health care is, as Megan McArdle says, “gibberish in a prom dress.”
Unemployment is surging. The Obama administration is meddling with mortage rates and Treasury wants to take over the derivatives market. Liberals are pushing for a “global warming tax.” Government is ripping off investors. The rule of law is trampled underfoot. All the signals from government now point toward more deficits, more taxes, more inflation, more regulatory restrictions to impede the private sector.

Hello, Weimar America.

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