People Are FURIOUS Over What Michelle Obama Wore to Final State Dinner Last Night

People Are FURIOUS Over What Michelle Obama Wore to Final State Dinner Last Night


Somehow, Michelle Obama really has the talent necessary to ignite fury in people, without even saying a word. Her and her beau Barack Obama, hosted a State Dinner for the Italian Prime Minister and his wife.

It was a fancy night, with fancy food, fancy paparazzi and even fancier dresses.

Michelle Obama wore an absolutely GORGEOUS form fitting ‘custom-made’ rose gold Versace gown. I mean, the color of the dress alone was just exquisite, it glowed. She definitely made an entrance and out shined any other gown in the room… Kudos Versace.

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The problem however, that many people are exploding over apparently…is the price tag of this glamorous dress to be worn for one night only.

That price-tag is $12,000.

I mean, really Michelle? You couldn’t take at least 1 zero off of that and utilize the remaining $10,000+ for something more vital?

Did she not get the memo on the national debt?

Maybe she didn’t know that under her husband’s watch, veterans are unable to get the medical care they need because of finances?

Or just maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt and figure she paid for it with the $400,000.00 her husband gets paid every year as President of a nation he is utterly destroying.

Nah. None of these is it at all. The truth is, she does not care. Her and her husband are sitting pretty and playing it up while they can. Moving into the White House wasn’t about a means to bring hope and good change to America. It wasn’t about fixing the dire situation for our vets, or helping the country to become a stronger leader on the global scale.

It was about winning and then squandering your winnings on living it up. This is why they are so giddy in making new Hollywood friends…and people like Beyonce have become an influence on the First Family. What the hell?

Priorities? Well, that’s easy…anything unimportant, is their priority. Not ISIS, but global warming. Not high education, but dumbing down our children. Not the economy, but lavish vacations a plenty. Not protecting our men and women in blue, but turning criminals into victims.

It’s just a pretty dress on a selfish, ignorant woman…who has no idea that even the most beautiful dress in the world worth millions could never cover up the blood on her hands as the wife to the worst President in the history of time.


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