Pet Shop Owner Is Attacked By 20ft Python In The Most Vicious Way

Pet Shop Owner Is Attacked By 20ft Python In The Most Vicious Way

Have you ever wondered, “Who on earth would own a giant snake?” Well, after reading this, you will be even more perplexed…


A pet shop owner has survived an attack by a deadly, 20ft python after police wrestled the snake back into its cage.

Terry Wilkins was cleaning the reptile’s cage at his store in Newport, Kentucky, on Monday when it bit him, wrapped itself round his head and started crushing his neck.

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The 125-pound snake had covered Mr Wilkins’ face completely and was moving in for the kill when two nearby police officers intervened and saved his life.

Lieutenant Gregory Rapberger and Sergeant Baron Arnberg were near the store, called Captive Born Reptiles, when a frantic 911 call came in describing Mr Wilkins lying in a pool of his own blood with the snake crushing the life from him.

The officers, who by chance were seconds away from the store, ran to Mr Wilkins and managed to prise the snake off of his body, according to local news station WCPO.

Paramedics were then able to rush Mr Wilkins to hospital, where he is expected to recover.

Witnesses described the horrific scene at the attack, which came as Mr Wilkins was trying to clean the python’s enclosure while another employee distracted it.

A call from one witness to emergency dispatchers told how the serpent had constricted Mr Wilkins’ neck and was squeezing.

A panicked woman said: ‘He was cleaning the snake, there’s a snake wrapped around his neck – please [send officers].

‘He’s the owner of the store, please the snake’s curled around his neck, oh my god please.’

‘It’s wrapped around his neck, his whole face is covered, it’s like a 20ft snake!’

Lieutenant Rapberger, who has experience handling snakes, relived his rescue attempt in an interview with WCPO.

He said: ‘I grabbed its head. We started pulling on the snake, kind of straightening it out.

‘At that point in time, Sgt. (Daron) Arnberg, as I’m pulling, he started loosening the coils around the guy, and finally the snake came out.’

The snake – a ‘breeder’ animal which is not a pet and is rarely handled by humans – was wrangled back into its cage, and is still alive.

Captive Born Reptiles, which has only been in business a few months, houses over 100 snakes in its small premises. Its website boasts that its employees have more than 30 years’ experience with snakes.

Give me a knife-wielding meth addict any day of the week; I just don’t want to tangle with a giant snake!

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