PHOTO: This Chart Demolishes What Liberals Say About “Racist” Voter ID Requirements… Spread It

PHOTO: This Chart Demolishes What Liberals Say About “Racist” Voter ID Requirements… Spread It

Voter ID laws are a no-brainer. Any and all who protest against voter ID laws do so because they root for the undermining of our democratic process. The same modern America who requires an ID for a large variety of activities, somehow, still harbors those who preposterously claim that voter ID laws are racist. This one graphic shows otherwise:


There are few things as controversial in the United States as voter ID laws. Apparently, asking people to prove that they’re legally in this country and able to vote is somehow profoundly racist. Who knew?

Of course, voting isn’t the only activity for which you might be asked to show ID.

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However, in which of these activities is asking for the ID racist and which is it not?

Someone on social media put together a handy chart so that you can tell which are racist and which are perfectly acceptable.

Well, that certainly makes things clear.

It’s quite obvious that the primary reason Democrats are against voter ID laws has nothing to do with the odious burden that they might impose. It has everything to do with the fact that the Democratic Party has long been a haven of voter fraud and that most people who would choose to vote illegally would vote Democrat.

In a Washington Examiner piece, former Ohio Attorney General Ken Blackwell, himself African-American, took the wind out of the sails of one of the key liberal arguments against voter ID.

Blackwell wrote that “one of the most often-cited factoids — something that sounds authoritative but is not fact-based — is the NAACP’s claim that 25 percent of black American adults lack a government-issued photo ID.”

“Think about that for a moment. This would mean that millions of African-American men and women are unable to legally drive, cash a check, board an airliner or participate in  everyday activities of modern life,” Blackwell wrote.

The Examiner article also looked at how one state’s voter ID law — Georgia’s — affected minority voter turnout.

“With the law in place, voter turnout has consistently increased, with 65 percent of the black voting-age population casting ballots in 2008, compared with 54.4 percent in 2004,” the article said.

“Even without Obama on the ballot, the pattern held: While only 42.9 percent of registered black Georgians voted in 2006, 50.4 percent voted in 2010.”

Quite racist, no?

If your liberal friends persist in their delusions, though, ask them this: Would they board a plane on an airline that refused to check ID because it was “racist?”

That’s what I thought.

The time has come for the left to abandon this ridiculous position. The same left that believes it’s okay to force hundreds of millions of Americans to buy health insurance, somehow, maintains that it is unjust to ask citizens to obtain an ID in order to vote.



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