[PHOTOS] Firefighters Hurt When SUV MASSIVELY Explodes On Highway Ramp

[PHOTOS] Firefighters Hurt When SUV MASSIVELY Explodes On Highway Ramp

The job of a firefighter is (obviously) very dangerous. However, the danger not only comes from running into burning buildings, but from falling debris and even car fires. Boston’s CBS affiliate reports on two firefighters who were injured when their car blew up.




Two Quincy firefighters were hurt in an explosion at a car fire Tuesday morning.

The firefighters were called to the ramp from I-93 north to the Furnace Brook Parkway around 8 a.m. after a Boston EMS SUV caught fire.

Moments later, authorities say the master O2 cylinder in the vehicle exploded and blew debris at the firefighters. Equipment in the vehicle, including a first responders kit and oxygen tank contributed to the explosion.

According to Boston EMS, the driver was headed to a special operations training meeting. The driver was not hurt.

Two firefighters were taken to Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary where they were treated for injuries.

Both are expected to be o-k, according to the fire department.

Thankfully, the firefighters were only injured and not killed. Based on the pictures, it’s easy to see that the potential for fatalities appeared high.

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