[PHOTOS] Here’s The Photo That Landed a Pregnant Woman In Hot Water

[PHOTOS] Here’s The Photo That Landed a Pregnant Woman In Hot Water

By Right Wing News’ Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Hannah Polites, age 24, is expecting her first baby. She is a fitness celebrity on Instagram and has been showing the progression of her pregnancy, while staying in shape. She has received a flood of negative comments, saying that she is killing her baby and it is unhealthy. I don’t think so. Look to history. Native American Indians are incredibly hard working. So are Mexican migrants. These women would work right up to the point of delivering their babies… many would have them in the fields where they worked. These women were surely fit from working all the time and if anything, it made giving birth easier.

I suppose you could exercise so much you could harm a baby, but it would be hard to do. Hannah has a doctor who says her baby is healthy and so is she. She is not harming the child at all. Some women have a small baby bump, some have large ones. It depends on the woman. I would wager that Hannah’s baby will be normal and healthy when he/she is born, despite the cries of doom from people online.

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From watchthis!:

An Australian fitness-obsessed Instagram star garnered criticism for her approach to pregnancy.

Hannah Polites, 24, was shocked by the comments she received on her page about her fit figure as she entered the final trimester of her pregnancy, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

The Instagram celebrity, who has over 1 million followers, has been posting bikini pictures of her body transformation, which show her slender and toned figure boasting a small baby bump.

Hundreds of users soon began accusing Polites of starving her fetus and promoting a harmful approach to pregnancy.

“YOU are killing your baby,” one commenter wrote.

Polites also received a lot of positive feedback, though.

“You look amazing and healthy, so what if you have a small bump,” another commenter wrote. “When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn’t show until I was two weeks off my due date and my baby was over 7lb and healthy. Just ignore the bad comments and enjoy your pregnancy.”

To be fair, there were a lot of people who gave positive feedback as well. She’s a beautiful woman, pregnant or not. Frankly, I think this thing is way overblown. Polites said her fetus is 20 percent larger than average at six months and that staying fit helps her feel good. Which by the way will make the baby feel good.

Polites isn’t the only fitness star to face backlash like this for her figure during pregnancy. Australian fitness star Ashy Bines reportedly experienced the same scrutiny when she was pregnant, with the attacks getting worse after she gave birth and recovered her slim figure. Sophie Guidolin, a mother of four, faced criticism for lifting weights while pregnant. The Instagram star documented her controversial “fit pregnancy” of twins Evie and Aria in 2015.

I wish Hannah well and I’m certain she’ll be a great mother. She’s not the first ‘fit’ mom out there and won’t be the last.

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