PHOTOS: Outrage After Stripper Does THIS With a 15-Year-Old Boy

PHOTOS: Outrage After Stripper Does THIS With a 15-Year-Old Boy

29-Yr old stripper apparently didn’t have running water in her camper one night when she came home from work. So she got all her stuff ready and went to her friends house to take a shower…and then this happened.


So around 10:30 pm, she decided to stop at a friend’s place to shower.

Stokes had just gotten off a shift at Jacksonville’s Gold Club, a local strip joint. She was greeted by a 15-year-old boy — the teenage son of her friend.

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According to reports, the young man claims Stokes used his phone to peruse her Facebook account for about half an hour, then they both watched TV for another thirty minutes.

Then, Stokes decided to take a shower. That’s when things took an unsettling turn.

The Macclenny native invited the teen to take a shower with her. She then reportedly performed oral sex on him, while he “groped” her.

He told authorities:

“I have never been put in that position before and I didn’t know how to get out of it.”

The lewd scene was cut short when the teenage boy’s father walked in on the pair mid-act, ordered them both to get out of the shower and for Stokes to leave immediately.

Stokes maintains that she was drunk at the time, and doesn’t remember “everything” that transpired, though admits to kissing the teen. She claims it was a “bad mistake.”

She remains in custody at the Baker County Jail and has been slapped with a felony charge.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

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