PICTURE: This Angelic Schoolboy Turned Into ISIS’ Bloodthirsty Executioner- Jihadi John

PICTURE: This Angelic Schoolboy Turned Into ISIS’ Bloodthirsty Executioner- Jihadi John

Jihadi John, the infamous ISIS executioner raised in the West, wasn’t always the beheading, bloodthirsty monster we have seen on gruesome videos. The Daily Mail shows a picture of the executioner in his early years and the smiling face offers no hint at the monster he would become.


Smiling at the camera with his church school friends, there is nothing to link this middle-class schoolboy to the merciless terrorist butcher Jihadi John.

Arriving in Britain when he was six years old, Kuwaiti-born Mohammed Emwazi appeared to embrace British life, playing football in the affluent streets of West London while supporting Manchester United.

Neighbours recalled a polite, quietly spoken boy who was studious at his Church of England school, where he was the only Muslim pupil in his class.

The son of a Kuwaiti minicab driver, young Emwazi arrived in Britain speaking only a few words of English, and appeared more interested in football than in Islam.

He went to mosque with his family, who spoke Arabic to each other, but wore Western clothing and became popular with his British classmates at St Mary Magdalene Church of England primary school in Maida Vale, West London.

Former schoolmates were yesterday struggling to believe that the quiet boy they knew had been unmasked as the world’s most notorious terrorist.

In a chilling twist, in a school yearbook from when he was 10, Emwazi lists his favourite computer game as shooting game “Duke Nukem: Time To Kill” and his favourite book as “How To Kill A Monster” from the popular children’s Goosebumps series.

He also lists his favourite band as pop group S Club 7, and when asked what he wants to be when he is 30, writes: ‘I will be in a football team and scoring a goal.’

Emwazi also listed his favourite colour as blue, his favourite animal as a monkey, his favourite cartoon as The Simpsons and chips as his favourite food.

Hitler, Stalin and Charlie Manson were all once somebody’s child; still, it’s eerie to see pictures of monsters before they became the embodiment of evil.

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