Pictured – the fire Kim Jong-Un didn’t want you to see

Pictured – the fire Kim Jong-Un didn’t want you to see

A bridge at a hotel in North Korea went up in flames on Thursday.  Or, so we think.  Even though there are pictures of it, North Korea refuses to admit that it happened, and tried to get rid of any photo evidence.


Photos from inside the secretive state of North Korea show one of the country’s best known hotels on fire – despite state officials refusing to admit there was even a blaze.

Plumes of black smoke were spotted coming from a bridge connecting the two 43-storey towers of the Koryo Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in the capital of Pyongyang.

As firefighters spent hours on Thursday putting out the flames police apprehended foreigners who tried to take pictures of the incident.

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No luck with that, because you can see more pictures here. Exit quotation from Reuters: “Several foreigners were apprehended for trying to take pictures of the scene…”

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