Liberal Plan to Capture & Restrain Trump For “Mental Health” Eval Ditched Out of Fear of Revolt

Liberal Plan to Capture & Restrain Trump For “Mental Health” Eval Ditched Out of Fear of Revolt

Wow, it’s almost like kidnapping the President and forcing him to undergo a mental health evaluation is something that would bother people. Who knew, am I right?

Liberal “news outlet” Vox recently published a story claiming that the Trump’s mental state warranted an “emergency” according to a psychiatrist who briefed Congress. By claiming that it is an “emergency,” doctors can restrain a person (not just the President, literally anyone) against their will and force them to undergo an evaluation. The claim is that Trump has been exhibiting increasingly erratic behavior over the last few months, culminating in his tweets about his “genius” on Saturday.

The psychiatrist in question, Bandy Lee, thinks that a mental evaluation is extremely important and needs to be done as quickly as possible. However, Lee does worry about one major thing: Forcing the President to do this against his will, and then possibly being declared unfit for office and removed will look like a coup. This would naturally prompt a revolt from Trump supporters who would view this not as a strictly necessary medical assessment, but as a waya for liberals to arbitrarily decide who is “fit for office” by utilizing mental health professionals. It would be a dirty trick that would cause violence, which is something that I think every sane person wants to avoid.

All of this because liberals are “concerned” about statements regarding Trump’s “nuclear button” and the tweets he made on Saturday about his IQ.

This would naturally looks like a coup disguised as a “medical emergency” because we have to rely on the “professionals” to determine if he’s mentally stable enough to run the country or not. These “professionals” are also humans and humans can be bribed to say certain things even if they’re not true. It’s an unfortunate reality, but I wouldn’t trust them, especially since liberals have been desperately looking for a way to disqualify Trump from the Presidency since before he had even won the election.

I’m not a Trump fan by any means, but this is absolutely ridiculous and would end with serious problems. At the very least there would be a march on Washington. At the most, outright violence reminiscent of a third-world country. I would not like to see my country fall into such hopelessness and chaos, but it would be unavoidable if this were to occur.

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