Why do planes have tiny holes in their windows? There’s a very important reason for it

Why do planes have tiny holes in their windows? There’s a very important reason for it

airplane wondow holeYou’ve always heard how bad it is for a plane to develop a hole or leak. So why do the passenger windows have tiny holes in them?

The Daily Mirror got to the bottom of it,

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) speaking to Tech Insider explained the hole is used to regulate air pressure.

As the plane gains altitude, the air pressure outside drops compared to the regulated air pressure inside the cabin.

The difference between the two puts physical stress on the windows – made up of three panes of glass.

There’s a small air gap in between the middle and outer panes and the hole is actually in the middle pane.

If you ever wondered what it’s called – it’s a “breather” or “bleed hole – and it balances the pressure between the cabin and the air gap.

So no need to panic if you ever notice those holes. But it is good to know why they’re there. If you’re like me, flying on a plane is always terrifying, no matter how old I get (or irrational the fear!). So this helps a little.

Rachel Alexander

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