Police Exit Motel Room In Tears After Seeing the Abuse These Sick Women Did to Kids With Sheets

Police Exit Motel Room In Tears After Seeing the Abuse These Sick Women Did to Kids With Sheets

For police officers, crimes against children are often considered the worst calls to respond to. But some calls are so bad that they haunt those who have to see the horrors firsthand. And what officers and paramedics saw in this motel room was so bad, that some of them had to leave in tears.

Police were called to a motel in Middletown, Ohio after a report came in of an unresponsive child. There, they found two brothers who had been badly beaten over the course of 22 hours. One of the boys, a five year-old, later died of his injuries. The other boy, a six year-old, was seriously injured, but survived.

When police came into the motel room, they found the five year-old unresponsive and the six year-old hidden underneath a blanket. The boys were in such bad condition that paramedics and police officers who arrived on the scene reportedly had to leave the room in tears.

And the people responsible may be the most horrifying part of this story. The mother of the two children, Theresa Hawkins-Stephens, 26, was arrested, along with her friend Rachael Bostian, 29, and Bostian’s mother, Ramona Bostian, 56. Hawkins-Stephens and Rachael were both charged with murder, as well as two counts of felonious assault and two counts of endangering children. Ramona Bostian was charged with felonious assault and child endangering.

Authorities say that the abuse started when one of the children tried to eat some food. The women responded by wrapping the two children in sheets, and beating them savagely. But this wasn’t a one-time incident. The little boy weighed just 28 pounds and the coroner said that he suffered from nutritional deprivation. The cause of death was “blunt force trauma to the head, torso and extremities with skull fracture and subdural hemorrhage,” and there were too many bruises on his back for the coroner to count.

What kind of sentence do you think these women deserve?

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