Police Get Surprise From Anonymous Citizens Who Didn’t Want Anyone To Know What They Did

Police Get Surprise From Anonymous Citizens Who Didn’t Want Anyone To Know What They Did

Police all around the country have become the scapegoat for race-hustlers. Still, there are many who still honor and respect our men and women in blue and a band of citizens joined together to show their appreciation.


In light of recent police involved shootings, officers have found themselves the targets of public abuse- even threats.

But in Grandview, two police officers experienced just the opposite.

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Sgt. Jonathan Going and Master Sgt. Lorrie Whitehead with the Grandview Police Department were having lunch at Steak and Shake in Raymore when they got an unexpected surprise.

“As the server was bringing us our food, he informed us that there was somebody that had paid for our bill, and they had just left out the door,” says Sgt. Going.

“We looked to see where that couple had gone because we figured that’s who it was,” says Master Sgt. Whitehead, about people they saw while eating.

“The lady came up to me, and she was like, I would like to pay for their food as well, I said okay that’s not a problem, she said but I don’t want you to let them know until I’m gone,” says the waiter, Joe Day.

Day says the couple wanted to remain anonymous — they weren’t looking for recognition, they just wanted to thank the officers for everything they do.

“By them paying for their food, then asking me not to say anything, the way I thought of that was, the cops do so much for us, but we don’t ever give enough thanks to them,” adds Day, “It’s a little fun, because I like to surprise people, like hey, guess what? They paid for your food!”

Both Whitehead and Going say they’re extremely grateful for this very unexpected surprise.

“With all the things going on, all the current events right now, it was very much appreciated,” says Whitehead.

“You get this feeling that you might not necessarily be appreciated…and it’s a really hard job,” Going adds.

“It’s awful hearing some stories about them, because they’re just trying to make our lives easier, and safer,” Day says.

Whitehead says they’re very lucky to live in a community where they are supported, and Going says they tried to find out who it was to thank them — but the waiter stayed true to his word.

“I left it all discreet, just like she wanted,” says Day.

Grandview police took to Twitter to thank the couple instead — and as for the waiter? He’s actually going to the Police Academy in Springfield soon.

Police officers have a tough and dangerous job. Just like any profession, there are good ones and there are bad ones. But let’s not besmirch an entire profession because of a political agenda. Bravo to these citizens.

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