Police Investigate Death Threats Made Against Michelle Fields — Listen to the Chilling Audio

Police Investigate Death Threats Made Against Michelle Fields — Listen to the Chilling Audio

The debacle surrounding Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, is disturbing. Whether he grabbed Michelle Fields or not is now practically irrelevant; how Trump, Lewandowski and Trump’s supporters (including Breitbart.com) have reacted is the real story. After filing a police report for battery, Fields has had to go into hiding and the below phone call is a classic illustration as to why.


Ex-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields contacted authorities Friday after an individual made multiple death threats against her.

In audio obtained by TheBlaze, an individual told Fields that she had 72 hours to drop charges against Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski or she would be killed. Fields had alleged Lewandowski committed simple battery against her at a news conference last month and he was arrested and charged last week.

“If I find you Michelle, I’m going to kill you,” the individual said on the phone.

“OK?” Fields replied.

“I know where you live. You have got 36 hours to drop the charges,” the man continued. “I’m dead serious.”

“Or what? What are you going to do?” Fields asked.

“I’m going to slit your throat,” the man replied.

“OK, you have serious issues,” Fields told him. “Anything else? Are you just going to keep calling me and saying this?”

The man then hung up the phone.

A similar phone call was made to Fields’ brother by a man who appeared to be the same individual. Threats were also relayed to Fields over Instagram.

“I’m going to stab this knife in your heart, just wait,” one threat read. “I know where you live.”

“You are dead, bitch,” another read. “I have someone watching your every move. See you at the morgue.”

An incident report obtained by TheBlaze Monday confirmed that Fields had contacted D.C. police over the threats.

“On April 1st 2016 at approximately 0100 hours the undersigned responded to the listed location for a felony threats report,” responding officer Jake Coletti wrote in the report. “Upon arrival, C-1 reports that at approximately 0045 hours, S-1 commented on C-1′s Instragam several times threatening to kill C-1. S-1 also called C-1 and threatened her again.”

A spokesperson for the D.C. police department said “the case is still an ongoing investigation.”

Fields was forced to abandon her D.C.-area apartment last week when Fox News and BuzzFeed inadvertently posted her phone number and address when they published the Lewandowski arrest report.

To be absolutely clear: the sick motivations of this caller is in no way Donald Trump’s fault.

However, what has emerged is troubling. “Trumpers” are sickeningly dogmatic followers of Trump and appear committed to a worship of Trump and his candidacy.

While one can support Donald Trump without being a “Trumper,” it seems clear that there are many, many passionate followers of Trump who believe that the ends justify the means and such ideologies can be dangerous regardless of the political affiliation.

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