This Police Officer Never Expected A Cashier at Wal-Mart Would Treat Him Like This

This Police Officer Never Expected A Cashier at Wal-Mart Would Treat Him Like This

Disrespecting police officers, the men and women who put their lives on the line for you whether you know it or not, is absolutely unacceptable. America is better than this, but that depends on who you’re talking to.

Apparently this young man didn’t have parents who raised him correctly, because he absolutely HUMILIATED an officer who just stopped by the Wal-Mart for a few basic items.


From Mad World News:

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Although our police officers have been getting disrespected by certain members of society for far too long, one cop never expected to be refused service when he stopped at a Walmart to get a few items. Unfortunately, things only got worse when the thug cashier made a rude gesture that left onlookers laughing, but it was a display of blatant disrespect that the officer didn’t find funny and refused to ignore.

An on-duty uniformed police officer stopped at the Walmart on 13th Street in St. Cloud, Florida to get a few items. As he entered the checkout lane, he was confronted by a black female cashier who refused to ring up his purchase.

Unfortunately, that’s not all she did as the situation quickly went from bad to worse. She decided to point out her skin color to the officer as if to say “Blacks matter more than cops.” To make matters even worse, the thug cashier’s co-worker was heard laughing at the disrespectful gesture that was made towards the cop. However, it’s safe to say that these thugs aren’t going to be laughing for long since the cop decided their disrespect would not be ignored.

The St.Cloud Police Department and Walmart have since confirmed that the infuriating incident did in fact occur. The officer has opened an investigation against the woman to determine why she felt the need to deny him service, and it is currently ongoing. Walmart’s corporate office was contacted about the incident. However, they explained in a statement, “This is an unfortunate situation, but we cannot comment on an active HR investigation,” according to Blue Lives Matter.

They’d better fire this woman immediately and this should forever be a stain on her record. There is absolutely no reason to do this kind of thing unless you’re a thug, or a thug-apologist.

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