Police Officer Pulls Car Over In A Traffic Stop- Then THIS Singing Legend Exits Car To Serenade Him!

Police Officer Pulls Car Over In A Traffic Stop- Then THIS Singing Legend Exits Car To Serenade Him!

How often do police officers in Utah get to pull over someone famous? NOT OFTEN! Afterall Utah is no LA. While this singer was speeding around town the police officer got a special treat for doing his job.

A Utah police officer who pulled over a car carrying iconic soul singer Gladys Knight was treated to an impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday on Wednesday night.

Knight was a passenger in the car stopped for speeding in the town about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, Pleasant Grove Police Capt. Mike Roberts said.

Officer Paul Rogerson got the driver’s license and was checking it in his patrol car when the woman told him that she was with Knight on the way to a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints choir event.

Rogerson said that he and his wife, who was riding along in the car because it was his birthday, were big fans.


When she heard that, Knight got out of the car too and sang the officer Happy Birthday.

The couple snapped a photo with her, and Rogerson’s wife has since exchanged text messages with the singer.

The officer let the driver go with a warning, something he likely would have done even if Knight wasn’t in the car, Roberts said.

The Pleasant Grove Police Department later wrote on Facebook; ‘It’s not everyday you have a birthday. It’s not every day you have a ride-along. It’s not every day you pull over a vehicle in which Gladys Knight is a passenger, AND have the pleasure of hearing her sing “Happy Birthday” to you, with your ride-along, on your birthday.

‘No Pips were injured during the taking of this picture. Thanks Ms. Knight!’

The singer lives in Las Vegas but was visiting Utah for the choir rehearsal. What an awesome birthday present! I’m sure she was happy to sing to get out of a ticket too!

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