POLL: Here’s Who Won the GOP Debate Last Night

POLL: Here’s Who Won the GOP Debate Last Night

Last night we saw OUR Presidential Candidates in their 3rd GOP debate…and BOY did some of them really hit the ground running! You can not deny that Ted Cruz really opened a can of WHOOP on those moderators…knocking them down to size with some absolute TRUTH! Trump…will be Trump, and really…that’s all he needs to be heard! Carson…well Carson, is the quiet guy….so debate is not exactly an environment he has proven to flourish in, but that’s not to say it won’t be in the future! Carly…Rubio…and all…those “other guys” also had moments of contribution to the debate. You witnessed their efforts…NOW tell us what you thought! Vote for your favorite presidential candidate of last night’s debate….WHO do you think won!?

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Who do you think showed up to the GOP debate, gun fight with a knife….and who showed up with a gun, flamethrower, and grenades galore!?

And…most importantly, WHO do you foresee to be the MOST BEASTLY opponent for ….well… this….

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To get the BEST recap of last night’s debate….CLICK HERE!

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