Potential cabinet pick accidentally reveals Trump plan to deport illegals

Potential cabinet pick accidentally reveals Trump plan to deport illegals

Something tells me this guy just lost any chance he had at this job.

I mean, he was being considered for Director of Homeland Security and has already messed up in a pretty big way. I wouldn’t trust this guy to watch my purse after this. He might take out my driver’s license and “accidentally” reveal it to the media.


While posing for a photo with President-elect Donald Trump, Kansas Secretary Of State Kris Kobach made a YUGE error. See if you can spot it in the picture above.

Got it?

For those of you who didn’t, note that in Kobach’s left hand is a folder and some papers. Papers that are face-out toward the media.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to read what is on those pages. So what was it?

The papers described a firm, uncompromising immigration plan including the “rapid build” of the border wall that Trump discussed throughout the entirety of his Presidential campaign. It also detailed deportation plans and reducing the “intake of Syrian refugees to zero.”

These harsh stances were discussed during the election, but Americans weren’t sure if Trump would (or could) fulfill these promises. According to these documents, the 45th President plans to do all of that and more in an effort to keep Americans safe.

All of this information was gleaned from this picture that was published by the Associated Press.


Rookie mistake, Kobach. Hopefully Trump doesn’t go back on these plans simply because they were revealed to the media.

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