President Carter To Travel To N. Korea, Bush Administration Negotiating For Them To Keep Him

President Carter has announced a desire to travel to North Korea in an effort to aid in peace talks with the troubled nation. The Bush Administration announced strong support for the move, saying, “Based on his efforts in the past, we doubt he will have any positive impact on the disarmament negotiations, but we are willing to allow North Korea’s nuclear program if they agree to keep him.”

Added Bush, “Those two ought to get along great. Both of them led their nations to economic ruin while enacting disastrous foreign policy. Plus, they both suffer from delusions of mediocrity and seem to have this confused look all the time. Also, they are both socialites. In fact, I’m glad Kim [Il-Jong] wears the glasses, or else I couldn’t tell these two apart.”

The administration has revealed privately that they believe that with the aid of Carter’s advice, North Korea will be out of business by early next week.

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