Quoting Tom Delay On Israel

Whether it’s because they’re engaging in wishful thinking, trying to please our European & Arab “allies”, or just because they’re trying to come across as impartial, most politicians, the Bush administration included, usually sound like they have no idea what’s really going on in Israel.

Anyone who’s paying attention knows that Israel is going to make a lot of concessions, the Pals will stop the violence for a little while, and then the terrorists will say “Truce over — we blame the Israelis” and everything will start back-up. Until the terrorists are dead or disarmed (preferably dead), nothing is going to be accomplished. Since that’s not happening and Abbas (Mazen) shows no signs of doing it, we’re just killing time until the Palestinians start blowing themselves up on buses and in pizzarias again.

Well, Tom Delay understands all of this. Just listen to what he had to say in Israel on Wednesday…

“DeLay, on a tour of the Middle East, repeated calls for Palestinians to disarm militant groups as required by the U.S.-backed “road map” plan for Middle East peace.

….Dismissing the truce called by main Palestinian groups a month ago, he said: “And it’s a liberation we are determined to secure, not merely a paper-thin cease-fire.”

…”Murderers who take 90-day vacations are still murderers,” DeLay said.

…DeLay said victory in a global war against terrorism hinges partly on the disarming and dismantling of Palestinian militant groups.

“Israel’s fight is our fight. And so shall it be until the last terrorist on Earth is in a cell or a cemetery,” DeLay said, drawing loud applause from the crowd of lawmakers and Cabinet ministers.

…Speaking at the Knesset, DeLay said ordinary Palestinians were pawns of a corrupt, brutal leadership.

“Their enemy is Yasser Arafat,” he said. “Their enemy is Hamas, Hezbollah and the vast network of violent men who threaten this region like so many desert scorpions.”

…While he belittled Arafat, DeLay praised his deputy, Mahmoud Abbas – also known as Abu Mazen – who became the first Palestinian prime minister in April after pressure from America and others.

“The onus now shifts to the rest of the world to take the ascension of Abu Mazen to its logical conclusion: Arafat must be isolated,” DeLay said.”

I agree with every word except the part about isolating Arafat. Arafat deserves to isolated the same way Uday & Qusay were — in the ground. What’s one more martyr at this point? Especially since the Israelis could surely make it look like a “work accident” and claim that they had nothing to do with it.

Until Arafat & the terrorists are dead, in prison, or at least disarmed and out the terrorism business, the war on terrorism isn’t over for the Israelis or America. If the terrorists win in Israel, you can bet they’ll just start using the same tactics here. Like Delay said, ‘Israel’s fight is our fight’ — we better make sure they win it.

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