President Trump Vows To Immediately Start Deporting Criminal Illegal Aliens [VIDEO]

President Trump Vows To Immediately Start Deporting Criminal Illegal Aliens [VIDEO]

President-elect Donald Trump will begin his plan to confront the problem of illegal immigration by deporting immigrants that have a criminal record and the number of those criminals range in estimates of 2 to 3 million according to Trump.


Trump answered a question that was thrown at him on CBS’ “60 Minutes” and was aired on Sunday. The interview included both one-on-one questioning, as well as a sit down with the older Trump children and Melania.

Trump started in:

“What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these people, probably 2 million — it could be even 3 million — we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate.”

He concluded with:

“But we’re getting them out of our country, they’re here illegally.”

According to Trump, he claims that once the “criminals” have been deported, Trump said the southern U.S. border would be secured with the wall he promised during the campaign and then he and his administration would formulate a system to deal with the remaining illegal immigrants whose crimes are being in the country illegally.

Donald Trump continued with his plan:

“After the border is secure and after everything gets normalized, we’re going to make a determination on the people that they’re talking about, who are terrific people — they’re terrific people, but we are going to make a determination at that, but before we make that determination … it’s very important, we are going to secure our border.”

Since 2012, Trump’s promise to build a wall on the southern border and deport all of the illegal immigrants in the U.S. has been the pivotal policy that really put him on the map for right leaning voters.

Many times throughout the campaign, Donald Trump has gone back and fourth on the exact details and ambitious cost of his plan, but he was earnest in his interview with CBS and claims that he wants to follow through with his immigration promises.

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