Pro-Choicers Watch THIS Video On Abortion- Their REACTIONS? Priceless

Pro-Choicers Watch THIS Video On Abortion- Their REACTIONS? Priceless

Most people can handle a bit of small talk with strangers. It’s not that bad once you break the ice. But bring up abortion, and many either clam up or shrug it off, not wanting to be challenged or called out for their feelings on the matter.

Now watch what happens to these random pro-choice strangers on the street when they see for themselves just how abortions are performed.


…Pro-life advocacy organization, Live Action, pushed the envelope in their latest social experiment, asking pro-choice Americans to take a look at an eye-opening video.

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The women watched the D&E Abortion Procedures video, featuring an OB/GYN and former abortionist using “medically accurate animations” to show people how developed a baby is during a second-trimester abortion procedure.

Live Action approached men and women in Los Angeles who originally said they were totally for abortion, no matter the circumstances. Their reasons varied from it being a “woman’s choice,” to arguing it was acceptable during cases of rape and incest. But they quickly changed their minds after watching the above video.

It’s frustrating as hell to watch these peoples answers, and immediate reactions following the video. They have never given this issue more than a street interview thought before this time, and are so easily swayed in opinion. I hope they keep this experience close to them.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad these folks saw the reality of abortions – in any trimester. But come on. What did they think happened in an abortion?

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