Proof That Spending Isn’t An Issue, It’s THE ISSUE.

In politics, it’s not about where the poll numbers are today, it’s about where they’re going to be by the next election.

Some Republicans have said that it’s foolish for the GOP to lay down a marker on fiscal issues because Americans love big government now and aren’t going to make decisions in the voting booth based on spending.

There’s some logic to that line of thinking. After all, seldom does a member of Congress suffer from bringing home the bacon and often do they benefit.

However, what’s true for a particular politician, say Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, who won by promising to bring pork home to his state, isn’t true for his party. One of the reasons Republicans have gotten so unpopular is because over the last eight years, they talked incessantly about fiscal conservatism and then they spent like Democrats. Happily, that ugly pattern has reversed itself since Obama became President.

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Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how firmly the mainstream media’s lips are firmly affixed to Barack Obama’s derriere, the American people can still count and they realize that Obama is spending so much money that he’s threatening the future prosperity of this country.

Courtesy of Top of the Ticket, here are some poll numbers that should alarm every politician in D.C. who has supported Obama’s radical spending proposals,

But just a few months after congressional passage of the administration’s whopping $787-billion economic stimulus plan, a new national poll shows Americans’ confidence in its efficacy fading, especially in the Midwest, where Biden is heading.

Just about half (52%) believe the much-touted stimulus plan will or has had any impact restoring the economy, down from 59% in April. The Washington Post-ABC Poll found Obama’s personal popularity remains high, in part because his Republican opposition remains in such disarray unable to offer a coherent political alternative.

The poll found:

The shift in public assessments of the stimulus package has clear political ramifications: At the 100-day mark of Obama’s presidency, 63 percent of people in states that were decided by fewer than 10 percentage points in November said the stimulus act had or would boost the economy.

Today, in the telephone poll of 1,001 Americans conducted Thursday through Sunday, the number has plummeted to 50 percent in those closely contested states, with nearly as many now saying the stimulus program will not help the national economy.

The new poll confirms other surveys showing the president’s popularity dipping slightly, his disapproval rating jumping about 5% and particular unhappiness focused on his handling of the automobile manufacturing crisis and the federal deficit. They add up to a serious warning signal, with unemployment lines (see photo) expected to increase even further.

Currently, 90% of Americans are worried to some degree about the exploding federal spending deficit, a galactic number certain to gain politicians’ attention on both sides. And yet the come is the final bill for Obama’s healthcare legislation.

“90% of Americans are worried to some degree about the exploding federal spending deficit?” That is as close to unanimous as you’re ever going to get in American politics — and Obama wants to spend EVEN MORE on socialized medicine.

Let me tell you something else: we’re not that far from Obama’s 100 day honeymoon period either. What that means is that Obama’s numbers are likely to continue to drop, concern about the deficit is likely to continue to rise, and the only solution Democrats are going to be able to offer are enormous tax increases that are going to be extremely unpopular.

There’s a simple lesson here for Republicans: deficit spending is turning into THE ISSUE and you’re now, for the first time in years, on the right side of it. Don’t screw this up.

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