Two Places A Woman Should Never Get A Tattoo

Personally, I am not a big fan of tattoos — especially for women. In fact, in my entire life, I can think of exactly two women who had tats that I liked. One of was some chick I passed in Wal-Mart, who was heavily tattooed up and down her arm and neck and I just thought, “Wow, she has a wild kind of look. Looks great.” Of course, for all I know, she worked in a tattoo parlor or a carnival.

The other tats in question are Kit Lange’s back tattoos, which fit her personality really well,

Kit Lange Back Tattoo

Now, how many women have tattoos? Gazillions. How many have I seen in my entire life that looked good? Two. That’s not a great ratio and while not every guy dislikes tattoos, there are a lot of us out there. It’s not like having a third arm or anything, but still, why deliberately do something that mars your looks?

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Additionally, let me give you two places where you should never get a tattoo. First of all, don’t get a tattoo on your lower back. Do you really want a tattoo on your body that will almost universally be referred to as a “tramp stamp?”

Then, there’s the face — the same place this 18 year girl just had 56 stars tattooed,

56 star tattoo

The next time she goes clubbing, I’m sure all of her friends will tell her how fab she looks. But, how is it going to look if she wants to get a job somewhere besides a record store? What if she meets some stock broker and they hit it off. You think he’s going to want to take a girl with stars tattooed on her face home to meet his parents? How’s it going to look when she’s 50 years old?

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re male or female, whether you’re this dumb girl or Mike Tyson, tats on the face are a big, big no-no.

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