Protester Who BRAGGED About Causing Violence At Trump Rally Is On Hillary’s PAYROLL

Protester Who BRAGGED About Causing Violence At Trump Rally Is On Hillary’s PAYROLL


Hillary Clinton really has no bounds. Definitely a highlight to me in the debate last night occurred when the issue of open borders was brought up. Hillary of course denied wanting to use open borders. To which the commentator brought up according to WikiLeaks she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to make that exact statement. It was just one more moment where the corruption and dishonesty of Hillary Clinton was made increasingly evident. She is truly criminal.

With a knowledge of who she is this story shouldn’t even surprise you, but it will definitely fuel the disgust you probably have for her.

A woman by the name of Zulema Rodriguez has been proud of her role in the violence at Trump rallies across the last few months. Some of Trump’s rallies have even had to be cancelled due to the threat of extreme violence. And where is that violence coming from? It is coming from individuals who are protesting the Trump campaign, also known as Hillary Clinton supporters. And this woman has been key in all these disturbances.

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Here is the best part, she is on Hillary Clinton’s payroll.

Wait, what?

Yep. You heard me right. Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff were paying this woman to protest at these events. Is it just me or is that incredibly scummy? The campaign paid her nearly $2,000 as a campaign “expense.” And yet, we aren’t surprised are we?

This is exactly the kind of thing that embodies the Hillary Clinton campaign. She is willing to do anything to undermine those around her. She will do anything to give herself gain. Even when it is as underhanded as paying individuals to go and disturb her opponent’s rallies.

That is Hillary for you though. And there is a pretty good chance that she could be our next president.


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