Psychologist Who Tried To Seduce Woman By Writing Story That Compared Them Both To Otters Is Fired

Psychologist Who Tried To Seduce Woman By Writing Story That Compared Them Both To Otters Is Fired

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While it’s true we all otter love someone, it shouldn’t look like this obsessed man’s strange crusade. In what can only be described as incredibly odd, and definitely criminal, this guy tried to use his professional position to win a woman by writing a weird otter story in which he refers to himself as “Spirit Otter”. Ok then. What do you think?

An obsessed psychologist who wrote a short story comparing himself and a former colleague to otters in an attempt to seduce her has been struck off.

Dr Anjan Nath sent the woman an outline for a book and film titled ‘The Genius of Dr Spirit Otter’ in a bid to encourage her to leave her boyfriend.

The story included the lyrics of the Sam Cooke song ‘You were made for me’ and ended with an invitation to accompany him to the film premiere of the Twilight movie.

Dr Nath, who worked in the Mental Health and Wellbeing Service for the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, also bought her all the Twilight DVDs, popcorn, a necklace, trinket box, scarf and a scented candle as presents – but they were all rejected.

His colleague, who was named only as ‘Colleague A’, said that Nath’s otter obsession began after she told him at work she had seen a TV programme about the mammal.

She said a chess set also appeared in the office after she told Nath she liked the game.

And when she revealed she wanted Sam Cooke’s ‘You were made for me’ played at her wedding, she found it in a new CD player in the office with a note reading ‘play me’.

She received the otter story in November 2011, a few weeks after leaving the Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.

Colleague A told the Health and Care Professions Council that the characters in the otter story were clearly based on her and Nath.

Real otters don’t stalk other otters. Otter lives matter. And so do the lives of folks who depend on people like Mr. Nath to keep a professional distance. Any comparison between this unprofessional criminal and actual otters is not only purely fictional but unfair to the otters. He otter do well in jail. At least he’s got his writing to keep him busy. Perhaps his next subject will be muskrat love.

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