Q&A Friday 101: How Can A Blogger Keep Eyes On His Site?

Question: “It is not terribly hard to get linked to on a blog, sometimes even large blogs will link and throw a smaller blog lots of traffic. The problem is keeping those readers, so they don’t just drop by to see one article, ignore the rest of your blog, and not return.

How can a blogger KEEP eyes on their site?” — Christopher_Taylor

Answer: That is the million dollar question for bloggers, my friend. I am planning to update one of my older blogger guides that will talk about this in more detail, but the long and the short of it is: be very unique.

Either people have to be able to get something at your blog they are not getting anywhere else or you have to do what you do better than anyone else — and that is difficult to do in the blogosphere, when there are tons of other blogs, many of which are well written and cover many of the same topics you do.

So, my best piece of advice to small bloggers and bloggers that are just getting started today is find a niche that’s interesting to other people — and to you, preferably one no one else is really filling, and do it better than anyone else. That’s certainly what I was trying to do with Conservative Grapevine and Right Wing Video — both of which, incidentally, are MUCH, MUCH, stickier than Right Wing News even if they aren’t as big — yet.

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