Q&A Friday 101: What 10 States Would You Prefer To Live In?

Question: “Some time ago, you put a list of what would be your 10 favorite countries to live if you couldn’t live in the US.
Could you make a list with your 10 favorite states to live in the US?” — gustn

Answer: To give you a really accurate answer on this, I’d have to do hours of research — and I can assure you that I would before I moved to another state. However, from the hip, here’s where I’d want to live.

10) Georgia: Seems like a nice, passable southern state to live in.

9) Tennessee: Liked it when I visited.

8) California: But, only if they split the state in half.

7) New Hampshire: Beautiful countryside and no income tax. Way back in the day when I was thinking of leaving NC, I actually considered heading to NH.

6) Texas: No income tax plus a good mixture of big cities and small, friendly towns to choose from.

5) Florida: I love the climate and I have people down there.

4) New York: If I had unlimited income, there is nowhere else on the planet I’d rather live than New York. All the things to do — all the people. It would be a blast.

3) Virginia: I didn’t particularly like northern Virginia when I lived there before, but ironically, when I lived right next door to D.C., I wasn’t into politics. Now that I am, I have a lot of friends up there and would enjoy it for that reason.

2) South Carolina: If I weren’t in North Carolina, I would just move right down the road.

1) North Carolina: There’s a reason I live in North Carolina. Good people, mild climate, cheap living, and living at the beach? Very sweet.

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