Q&A Friday #103: Are Conservatives Being Too Mean To Liberals?

Question: “President Bush, while lacking conservative credentials in many areas of his presidency, was a good man who was disparaged and drug through the muck by a bunch of people with no integrity. Conservatives, due to their moral values, take the high road. I see many conservatives starting to resort to name calling and blatant vengeance. How do you feel about it?” — advrobw

Answer: With all due respect, there are far too many people worrying about taking the “high road.” We don’t tacitly support violence against our political opponents like liberals do. We don’t think it’s okay to lie about our political opponents like liberals do. We have 100 times more respect for the Constitution than liberals do.

Simply put, we’re far better people than they will ever be — but, do we have to be Mother Teresa while they’re coming after us in a dark alley with a pipe wrench? If people like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have their way, this country is going to be decimated. Do future generations of Americans have to live in poverty because we don’t want MSNBC to say anything mean about us? Do hundreds of thousands of Americans have to die waiting in line for medical care because we don’t want to use even 1/10 of the tactics that are used against us?

Politics isn’t a business for saints. It’s dirty, it’s ugly, and it’s full of people who’d be in prison for pushing their grandmothers down the stairs if they had 20 less IQ points. When people like that get you down, they put their foot on your throat and push until your eyes pop out. It’s one thing to be magnanimous in victory, but when they have the upper hand, either you fight back with everything you have — or you get used to spending a lot of time pinned to the ground, watching them destroy everything you care about.

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