Radio For Conservatives: RNC New Media Chair On Tonight!

For a couple weeks, and about six shows so far, I’ve been doing a radio show on called the Right Doctor. Tonight, Republican National Committee New Media Director, Todd Herman will join me as my guest for the full hour from 10 p.m. EST to 11 p.m. EST.

We talk about the direction he’s taking New Media. We talk about the importance of message and messenger. Todd answers Marathon Pundit’s question: How does the Republican party become hip again?

I’d really encourage you to start listening to the station. The line-up includes rock-n-roll and conservative shows–everything from home improvement to the military to world relations, etc. I share a time slot with Tabitha Hale, aka Pink Elephant Pundit. Her show Raisin’ Hale is excellent. And soon, Emily Zanotti of American Princess fame will have an Indy Friday slot. There are other familiar bloggers there, too. Duane Lester, All American Blogger, interviews bloggers and if you’re starting or have been in the business, his format is fascinating.

So please, join me, tonight and whenever you’re lounging around the computer. The sound quality is amazing. The content solid.

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