The Globe: Michelle Obama Vs. Oprah!

I do cover the trash tabloid beat and when I saw that the Globe said Michelle Obama and Oprah were at each other’s throats, well, I was already there. After reading this article, you will be, too.

Here are the juicy details which, given that this is the Globe, have about a 20% chance of being accurate,

…But hard hearted Michelle didn’t cave quite so easily, say sources. “Michelle’s been jealous of Oprah and her relationship with Barack for a couple of years. She’s just not comfortable having Oprah in their lives.”

The source says Michelle demanded the President not allow Oprah unlimited access to the White House or the presidential retreat at Camp David.

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She also urged her husband to nix plans to bring Oprah, 55, into his administration.

As Globe reported in its March 24, 2008 issue, Obama had secretly agreed to reward Oprah with an ambassadorship. “But that’s off — at least for now,” says a source.

This all seems surprisingly plausible — especially for the Globe. The ambassadorship thing sounds crazy at first glance, but it’s really not all that far fetched given Obama’s penchant for bringing celebrities into his administration and Oprah’s school in South Africa. Sure, Oprah can be more of a star on TV, but she already has more money than she’ll ever spend and she might relish a break from TV to do what she may believe is “more important work.”

As to Michelle not wanting Oprah around, it almost sounds like she’s worried about Barack cheating with Oprah, doesn’t it? Again, not as crazy as it sounds. Oprah is famous, charismatic, and isn’t married while Barack is an amoral narcissist with a domineering, slightly mannish wife. One of these days, some woman is going to say, “Oh, Mr. President, I’d do ANYTHING for you,” and if Barack Obama thinks he can get away with it, I’d say he’s more likely than most men to take her up on it.

Still, it’s the Globe, so chances are better than even that this whole story is crap. But, it is fun to speculate.

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