Rally in Washington Is Said to Invigorate the Antiwar Movement & Terrorists WorldWide

Rally in Washington Is Said to Invigorate the Antiwar Movement & Terrorists Worldwide: From the New York Times

“Emboldened by a weekend antiwar protest in Washington that organizers called the biggest since the days of the Vietnam War, groups opposed to military action in Iraq said they were preparing a wave of new demonstrations across the country in the next few weeks.”

The demonstration on Saturday in Washington drew 100,000 by police estimates and 200,000 by organizers’, forming a two-mile wall of marchers around the White House. The turnout startled even organizers, who had taken out permits for 20,000 marchers. They expected 30 buses, and were surprised by about 650, coming from as far as Nebraska and Florida.

…”The rally was like a huge gust of wind into the sails of the antiwar movement,” said Brian Becker, an organizer of the Washington protest. “Our goal was not simply to have a big demonstration, but to give the movement confidence that it could prevail. The massive turnout showed it’s legitimate, and it’s big.”

I’m glad that the antiwar movement feels “invigorate(d).” I’m sure terrorists groups, Islamo-fascists, and dictators across the world now feel “invigorate(d)” too since they’ve learned how many “useful idiots” there are in the United States. It must be nice to know that even if you fly planes into the WTC, bomb a disco, storm a theater, destroy a pizza parlor, or gas your own people, there will always be leftist dupes in the US doing everything in their power to impede the people trying to stop you. Most of clowns at these anti-war rallies would have been out protesting on behalf of Japan and the Nazis if they were around back in WW2. I can just hear them now…

“I’m not saying Hitler is a great guy, but America is like an imperialist nation you know? Roosevelt just wants to extend our global hegemony across the whole world. This isn’t about Pearl Harbor either man! It’s all about getting cheap labor in Japan and quality German cars. America has to break the cycle of violence by negotiating with Hitler instead of listening to Roosevelt’s business cronies who want war. Hey FDR, we don’t want your filthy war! Give peace a chance!”

Murdering innocent women and children is grim and desperate work especially when the American military machine is trying to stop you. But a few words from Susan Sarandon, Gore Vidal, Jesse Jackson, or even some random protestor waving an Iraqi flag may very well give the terrorists and the regimes that support them that “extra” motivation they need to blow themselves up or a plant a bomb on a bus. Thanks a lot you antiwar protestors, thanks a lot….

***Update***: Victor Davis Hanson talks about this same theme and says that these antiwar protestors also help inspire loons like Malvo and Muhammad and the distrubed kid who crashed a “light plane into an office building in Florida.”

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