The Democratic Take On Wellstone’s Memorial Service

The Democratic Take On Wellstone’s Memorial Service: I went to the Democratic Underground to get the lefty take on Wellstone’s “memorial service.” In a thread that had 73 posts, there only appeared to be 3 DU readers who saw anything wrong with turning Wellstone’s “memorial service” into a campaign rally for Walter Mondale. Here are a few of the typical comments…

ndanger: “This was exactly what Paul would have wanted. I thought it was beautiful! Glad you saw it. It must have scared the hell out of repugs in the arena, because they knew they were going down in a big way Nov 5th.”

austinboy: “Memorial services are about celebrations of the lives of the intended. Paul Wellstone’s legacy was his passionate embrace of equality for all. Why should that not be celebrated? Rethugs are the only people I hear claiming some political benefit to the DEMS because of this. How cold-hearted and callous can you be when insinuating such tripe?”

kahuna: “Uh…the “person” was a “politician.” How do you honor that person’s life without mentioning politics? Please tell us. I really want to know. You obviously have thought out your opposition before you posted this thread. Please expand.”

buff2: “Democrats have the COMPASSION,not the rethugs. I thought the memorial service was WONDERFUL! Of course anyone who thinks it was “appalling” is out of touch with the MAJORITY of the American people! GO WALTER MONDALE…..CARRY ON PAUL WELLSTONE’S LEGACY! WE LOVE YOU PAUL AND WE WILL MISS YOU! WE ARE GOING TO KICK YOUR RETHUGS…..GET USED TO IT AND GET OVER IT!!!”

That was some “memorial service” for the man the Dems are calling the “soul of senate.” Apparently Wellstone’s life was so meaningless, so pointless, such a nothing to his own family and supporters that they felt it was more important to use his “memorial service” to promote Walter Mondale’s campaign than to actually talk about why Paul Wellstone was important to them. Here’s a serious question for the Democrats — is there anything that could have been done at that “memorial service” that you would have felt was beyond the pale if it benefited the Democratic party?

If let’s say they dug up Wellstone’s coffin and let Mondale do a stump speech from atop it, would that have been “too much?” What if they sold gory photos of the crash site for a $1000 dollars a pop and gave the money to the Mondale campaign. Would that have been OK? Somehow I suspect the Democrats would defend ANYTHING that they thought helped them retain the Senate, no matter how Wellstone’s “memorial service” was defiled by it. That is pathetic…

***Update***: The head of the Wellstone campaign, Jeff Blodgett, has now apologized for the “memorial service.”

“It was not our intent to inject that into the service,” campaign chairman Jeff Blodgett said of comments made at the Tuesday night ceremony. “I take responsibility for that and I deeply regret it.”

This line was also in the article…

“Some officials from local TV stations are said to be complaining that they were misled into televising live a partisan political rally.”

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