Ted Rall Thinks Bush Had Wellstone Killed?

Ted Rall Thinks Bush Had Wellstone Killed?: I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but a significant portion of the Democratic party has become enamored with absurd conspiracy theories. That is disturbing enough. But, the fact that prominent Democratic columnists can make statements that any reasonable person would find to be bizarre without even causing a raised eyebrow among their fellow Dems is scary. The latest example of Democratic derangement is Ted Rall’s column on Yahoo.

Rall’s editorial is titled, “The (Possible) Assassination Of Paul Wellstone.” The entire piece is dedicated to raising the idea that Bush had Wellstone killed. Here are a few choice quotes from this despicable column

“Now some Democrats and progressive Americans are asking the unthinkable about an administration they increasingly believe to be ruled by thugs and renegades. Did government gangsters murder the United States’ most liberal legislator?

Talk of foul play began hours after Senator Paul Wellstone’s plane went down over northeastern Minnesota on Oct. 25, killing him, his wife and his daughter, along with three staffers and two pilots.”

“…Despite the money and sleazy tactics being used against him, recent polls showed Wellstone beginning to pull ahead. With Election Day looming on Nov. 5, many analysts were predicting a Wellstone victory and continued Democratic dominance of the Senate. Perhaps, the thinking goes, someone in the Bush regime decided Wellstone had to go.”

Rall offers not one shred of evidence that supports the fact that Bush murdered Wellstone. Nothing, none, nada. Now imagine if someone came up to you and claimed that, “aliens are sending signals to my brain” or that, “I have to warn the President that the CIA is trying to kill him.” Normally when people come up with oddball theories like this with absolutely no proof to support them, we assume they’re crazy. But do Rall’s fellow Democrats think he’s nuts? Hell no, he has a column on Yahoo and the New York Times carries his cartoons. Do you think anyone at Yahoo or the NYT is going to be too embarrassed to carry Rall’s work after reading this piece of lunacy? Don’t hold your breath…

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