Rancher Sued for Defending Property From Mexican Invaders

Roger Barnett’s ranch near Douglas, Arizona is known as “the avenue of choice” for illegal aliens invading the country. The lawless colonizers have torn up his water pumps, killed his calves, destroyed fences, stolen vehicles, buried parts of his property in trash 10 inches deep, and even broken into his home.

Since our quisling government wouldn’t do anything about it, Barnett, a former sheriff’s deputy, started rounding up aliens on his property and holding them for the Border Patrol, so the invaders could get a stern talking-to before being released. As a reward for not passively allowing himself to be victimized, Barnett and his wife are now being sued by Mexican nationals for $32 million for “civil rights violations” and “the infliction of emotional distress.”

That this preposterous case could even make it to court confirms what we’ve known for some time: our government sides with Mexican criminals against lawful American citizens. No government that fails to represent the interests of the people it taxes can call itself legitimate.

illegal alien garbage
Illegal aliens’ contribution to the Arizona landscape.

On tips from Raptorman, Wiggins, Conservigilant, Matt L, and Frank W. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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